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Late Smt. Virbala Nagarwadia
Late Smt. Virbalaben Nagarwadia
(Founder Trustee)
Samarathbhai Vaidya
Samarathbhai Vaidya
(Founder Trustee)

Effect of changing pattern of society with generation gap increasing owing to differences in taste, manners, ideology and increasing tension in modern life differing in New and Old ways of life resulting in disrespect and in some deplorable cases even physical harassment to aged people, a modest ‘home for the aged’ was stared in Ramkrishna Ashram building some sixty years back. With increasing demand to accommodate more and more ‘AGED’ people, and the necessity of having larger space, in 1978 Dr. Bachabai Nanavati donated her movable and immovable Trusts’ properties to run the home for old age people, Impressed by good work done by “Jeevan Sandhya” the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation gave us 6000 sq. meters of land in most healthy area where we have constructed the spacious and most beautiful Building to accommodate 200 Aged people. The institution has built convenient rooms with Healthy Food, Medical Facilities, Prayer Room, Lecture Hall, Library, Physiotherapy Center, Beautiful Garden and facilities to the end of the life of the Aged to Cremation or Burial as per their religious belief, Every year one outdoor picnic tour to religious places is organized.

The institution is basically supported by generous donations from the philanthropic people, who believe that the responsibility of maintaining ‘Home for the Aged’ is to be shouldered by Society in general.

With our sincere hope that you with be touched by our appeal to Donate for the cause of helping these helpless ‘Aged People’ as part of your obligation to the society, Any form of your Donation in cash or kind will be accepted with our heartfelt Thanks.

Whatever you give will be accepted with love.

You can send cheque in the name of “VANPRASTH Seva Samaj”

We are thankful to you

(Donation is free of income tax in accordance with rule 80G (5) of income tax)

Be proud of yourself, you're really changing those lifes!
Your passion is admirable.
Never give up!
Trustee Commitee

Trustee Commitee

Dr. Narendrabhai Patel

Narendrabhai Patel


Shree Anilbhai Bakeri

Anilbhai Bakeri

Arch. & Engineer

Shree Naranbhai Patel

Naranbhai Patel


Shree Cavasbhai Shethna

Cavasbhai Shethna

Retd. Banker

Shree Suketubhai Nagarwadia

Suketubhai Nagarwadia

Dr. Ajaybhai Patel

Ajaybhai Patel

Shree Farsubhai Kakkad

Farsubhai Kakkad

Shree Kersybhai Kavina

Kersybhai Kavina

Retd. Banker

Shree Milanbhai Patel

Milanbhai Patel


Shree Pavanbhai Bakeri

Pavanbhai Bakeri


Our Star Volunteers

Our Star Volunteers

Shree Vidulaben Patel

Shree Bhadraben Doshi

Shree Bhartiben Nayak

Shree Prernaben Nagarwadia

Dr. Maheshbhai Patel

Dr. Rajenbhai Surti

Dr. Sonalben Shah

Shree Kanubhai Patel

Shree Pravinbhai Patel

Shree Kalpnaben Desai

Shree Dimpleben Shah

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How You Can Help

How You Can Help


Make Donation

Whatever you give will be accepted with love. You can send cheque in the name of "VANPRASTH Seva Samaj" or you can do it online by clicking on "Donate" button.


Become a Volunteer

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Contact Us

Contact Us

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Monday to Sunday - 9:30am to 8:00pm


Nr. Ankur Bus Stop,
Nr. Kalptaru Part 1 & 2,
Passby: 132' Ring Road, Naranpura, Ahmedabad-380 013